About Me

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Hello, welcome to SheBang Great Danes. My name is Charity Nicole (Fulkerson) Peech! I have been showing dogs for 15+ years, give or take. The history behind my kennel name is quite unique. It all started while I was in college at Auburn, Alabama at the time. My first name choice was Dixie Danes, but after doing some research, I discovered that was taken. Eventually, my friend gave me a music CD, and told me to listen to track number four. In return I ended up liking the CD a lot, and track four's name was "I Will (be the Whole Shebang)". Then everything clicked, and the kennel name came to me. It would be Shebang Danes because I wanted my dogs to be "The Whole Shebang"- color, conformation, temperament, longevity, soundness, intelligence, etc!

I currently live in Richland, Indiana. But I have lived all over, from Auburn to California! I love to travel, and travel to mostly Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Ohio. Though I have been to shows coast to coast due to living in a couple of different places. I'm usually showing anywhere from 10 to 25 weekends a year! When I was home in the Midwest, my mentor, Michael Chiles (Michaeldane JB), always handled for me. In the South, I mostly tried myself, but John Plessner helped me a lot in the process. Jane Chopson and Sondra Peterson handled for me in California as well. I also want to thank Michale Chiles for building up my confidence in dog handling. Thank you for reading!!