Great Dane Information

The genetics of Harlequin Great Danes are very complicated.  Since harls do not breed true, many color combinations can result from a harle x harle breeding.  The AKC standard calls for harlequins to be white with irregular torn black patches distributed evenly over the body.  Mantle or formerly called Boston, a common result of harle breeding and a newly accepted AKC show color, has a black coat with white "points" on the feet, muzzle, chest, and tip of tail!



Harle, mantle, and black aren't the only occurring colors in harle breeding though!  You can also get MERLE (grey with black patches), MANTLE MERLE (merle color but with the white mantle points), MERLEQUIN (white with merle colored patches), PIEBALD MERLE (white with mantle merle head - can have merle spotting), PIEBALD (white with a mantle head - sometimes having a few large black spots on the body) HARLEY HEAD (white with a harlequin marked head), or even solid WHITE (which often have hearing or sight problems).

There are only 6 AKC showable colors in Great Danes.  Three of which can result from the same
parents - HARLEQUIN, MANTLE, and BLACK.  Also there is FAWN, BRINDLE, and BLUE.







Common Great Dane FAQ's I get Daily!
If you'd like more specific Dane "how to's," then e-mail me for a Shebang Puppy Packet.
This is just general answers to the most common questions I get!

* Great Danes average from 30 to 37 inches at the shoulder and can weigh between 100 to 200 pounds. The females are at the lower end of the range.

* Puppies usually weigh between 1 - 2 pounds at birth - gaining 100 X that amount within NINE months!

* Average lifespan is around 9 years. Some live to be 10-12!

* No, you don't need a large yard. Not only are they house dogs, but they require little exercise in relation to their size - especially as puppies                 because of their fragile joints. Mine are dedicated couch potatoes - however, they never turn down a walk or ride! As long as they get daily                        exercise they are perfectly happy to lounge on the couch or bed until I get home from work or wherever.

* They don't really eat a whole lot either. If you feed a quality dog food (I feed BARF which is a natural raw diet) then it really doesn't take much at all.

* They don't slobber THAT much - mainly after a drink, before a meal, or when outside smelling.

* No, it's not a horse or a Dalmation - and you can't ride them!!!


If you have never owned a Great Dane and are interested about this magnificent breed, I highly recommend a book "The Great Dane: Model of Nobility" by Jill Swedlow.  Even if you have Danes, I still recommend this book because the learning process with these dogs never ends!  Jill Swedlow is a very knowledgeable Great Dane Breeder and AKC judge.
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