Getting a SHEBANG GREAT DANE really is unlike getting a Great Dane from any other place. The people who end up with my puppies become family. My family and the Shebang Village put an immeasurable amount of love, nurture, time, training, enrichment, and effort into each one of these puppies. You also must be aware Shebang Danes are NATURALLY REARED! So, if you are looking for a “traditional breeder”... I am more than happy to refer you to one of my many dog show friends who still use conventional rearing methods. I don’t just “breed dogs” .... I fervently breed soulful companions destined to be the epitome of a Great Dane .... THE WHOLE SHEBANG ..... temperament, soundness, longevity, health, intelligence, conformation, and color.


When are you having puppies?

Shebang’s Fifty-Two Card Pick Up “Vegas” (AKC Pointed) was bred to AM GCH/BIS UKC CH Lovesong Saravilla Its Only Money “Cash” at the beginning of September 2021!! We will be expecting Halloween-ish/All Soul’s Day puppies!!! That puts them going home January 2022!!

Can I get on your waiting list?

My litters have been unpredictable the last decade or so ... As a result, I don’t take deposits until the puppies are atleast 6 weeks old! However, you will know if you are getting a puppy from me WAY before that – because I passionately believe everything happens for a reason ... If you were meant to have one of my puppies, that is the way it will end up. But, getting to know me and having an open mind about what you already know about dogs will secure you a spot on my Wish List, atleast! You can’t be on the “Getting One List” until they are here and a couple weeks old (the first couple weeks are HELL keeping neonate Danes alive!! They are, sadly, a pretty fragile breed. They shouldn’t be though, so, I’m working on that!!).

What if the puppy I want is advertised as available, I’m on the list, but yet I’m told that one is not available to me?

Keep in mind, raising harlequin bred Danes is not like raising smaller, solid colored dogs. I have had great homes on my waiting list for years ... only to not have enough pups of the preferred sex or color to go around. I know that may unfairly move a newer person up but my first priority is to have each of my puppies in loving homes where they are superb representatives of their breed and are an intricate part of their family. However, I bred these giant dogs to be very versatile! Some of my pups are destined to be GREAT Great Danes .... And I’m not breeding “just pets”! So, sometimes the puppy you find “cutest”, may not be the right fit for you ... and the perfect fit for someone else . . .

You said your rearing and training methods make your puppies versatile.... What are some things I could expect out of a properly trained Shebang Great Dane?

In the last 20 years of breeding, training, and rescuing dogs ... I have learned Great Danes can do MANY, MANY things! Even my own personal Danes have had unique roles over the years! First and foremost, these Danes are therapists! Nothing makes things more right in the world when they are by your side through thick and thin! They are snuggly, devoted, loyal, smart, and silly. My dogs have also been calendar models, canine good citizens, demonstration trick dogs, herding dogs, guard dogs, therapy dogs, service dogs, and - of course - AKC conformation Champion show dogs! With the addition of Puppy Culture and Avidog to my current enrichment and training program, I now have the ability to shape even more specific behaviors for desired tasks including manding, conditioned emotional responses, and scent discrimination! Also, your puppy will have a strong working knowledge of basic manners such as not jumping up, bite inhibition, wait with a release, walking on leash, and problem solving! We also litter train the pups at a young age so they always keep their area clean and easily transition to being house trained – even in a new environment. We also crate train and socialize the pups immensely! We take our puppies to work, to the woods, swimming (weather permitting!), through obstacle courses, you name it.... ! We have had Shebang Danes excel is sports too – marathons and lure coursing! Many can and have competed in agility, obedience, rally, dock diving, and barn hunts! Even though I breed dogs with FORM & FUNCTION, my favorite trait of a Dane is they are more than happy to snuggle on the couch if we don’t feel like hiking or taking them someplace today! I’d also like to mention all of our puppy parents are health tested and are atleast pointed, if not Champion, competitive show dogs. I have a very small breeding program because our dogs are our furkids that live inside with us so our whole NATURAL REARING process is our entire world for the 8-12 weeks they are with us!

So how much does a Shebang Great Dane cost?

In years past, harlequin (white with black patches) breeding has been the most challenging color to produce show puppies ... since harlequins are heterozygous; the other color combinations produced were considered pets. However, in 1997 the GDCA (our parent club in which we are members – the Great Dane Club of America) accepted mantle (black with white – like tuxedo markings. Formerly known as Boston) as an acceptable show color! THEN, in 2018 the GDCA accepted merles (grey with black patches) as an acceptable show color! What a game changer! So, with a little genetic color testing, it is now possible for harlequin breeders to get show puppies in every litter!
This ethically makes me struggle for a fair price for my puppies. It was always difficult to point at one pretty patched puppy and say $5,000-$10,000 for that one but $2500 for that one simply because it’s grey or black! It is often NOT the harlequins that are the “best” puppies ...
Many harlequin breeders are still pricing colors because old habits die hard! But, I put just as much time, love, food, supplements, training, worry, sweat, tears, and effort into the “pet” puppies as I do the “show” puppies . . . so, now that color isn’t as important in the show world, I can just have one flat rate! I was always taught you start your pet pricing at whatever the stud fee is ... but, when I’m breeding to top of the line AKC Champion studs, that’s already a big number! Plus, fees for EVERYTHING have gone up since I started doing this! So, the current average stud fee for a well-bred dog is $3500 ... So, that shall be my flat puppy price. Keep in mind I send my puppies home with my lifetime breeder support and knowledge gained from being in the breed AND owning a pet health food store for 20+ years (The Whole Shebang, LLC). Pups not only come trained, but also microchipped (this can be waived in certain instances), and comes with training aides, raw food, toys, bones, bed, bag, supplements, nosodes, and more! Ear cropping is a separate discussion. That’s a lot of money for a dog when I can rescue a Great Dane for $300! Yes it is! But, you get what you pay for. And if it is simply too much money “for a dog” ... then, maybe rescue is a better option for you? OR I’m happy to refer you to another reputable breeder in another color or one not as strenuous as I am!? Adopting a rescue is providing a forever safe place for a dog that is already here! But, buying a puppy from a breeder that doesn’t stand behind their dogs (and take them back) just encourages them to breed more and more litters! My puppies aren’t for everyone – and you have only tipped the surface on why

What is natural rearing?

Simply put, it is raising canines as close to nature as I can. Studying how wild dogs eat and behave puts a lot of weight on the decisions I make for my own dogs. If they couldn’t have access to it in the wild, then it’s not something I would give to them.... Dogs are carnivores, hunters, scavengers, and opportunist! So, just because they WILL eat cereal puffs coated in animal fat, does not mean it is the healthiest option! I actually prefer cupcakes to steak, personally!! I also don’t use the conventional chemical disease and parasite products. We use holistic and homeopathic methods as alternatives. We will talk a lot more about this stuff .... !

So this puppy won’t eat dog food?

My dogs do not eat commercial dry dog food. They eat fresh raw meat and bones. I start my litters on ground raw chicken backs and turkey necks at 22 Days old! By 6 weeks they can eat rabbit whole – bone and all! But the relieving news for you may be that I have figured out how to make it super easy and affordable to feed pets raw! I do it for a living! It is easy to make portioned meals or buy them ready to go from our store . . . www.rawnaturaldiet.com You are more than welcome to DIY raw – as long as you let me guide you with balance the first year!

What if I have my own successful kibble protocol for growing giant breeds correctly?

I have no interest in a feeding raw diet. I’m really not trying to be a control freak... It is just after doing this for two decades, I have seen with my own eyes the imbalance and growth problems popular commercial dog foods create! However, if you have an established track record of healthy show dogs and a kibble protocol that works for you, I am certainly willing to let you do what you believe is the right thing for your own dog. But, because of my knowledge, I have perimeters in which I will uphold the health guarantee.

What is the next step?

You mean I didn’t scare you away? Then you may have come to the right place! IF this is WAY more than you wanted to sign up for – I totally get it! I know I am eccentric about these dogs! PLEASE do not hesitate to ask me about rescue or referrals! I have a HUGE network of dog people and I love matching people with their dream dogs – even if they are not from me (happens ALL the time – I don’t breed often!!)!!

What about a deposit?

Once you are officially on the waiting list, I will keep you informed during the whelping and neonate puppy period. Some of you may be eliminated from this litter right off the bat if it is a small litter or due to phenotypical traits. When the litter is a couple weeks old, I start to think about how well the pups in the litter may match up to the people on my waiting list. I start evaluating conformation more closely between 4-6 weeks. I like to place atleast one male and one female in show or co-own homes, so those final picks get decided between 6-12 weeks. I don’t take deposits before 6 weeks. Puppies go home between 8-12 weeks – depending on ears, desired skill set, and registration.